like in a fairy tale …

Posted: April 29, 2009 in Freeze it !!!
like in a fairy tale ...

like in a fairy tale ...

another photo clicked at Mekadatu … its just the flowing river … but when i look at this snap now i feel that i have reached some wonderland !!!

  1. Prasanth says:

    Never really thought that much about photos; this one is impressive.

  2. Anonymous says:

    mekedatu snap is too good…. we shall go there again ….


  3. george easaw says:

    good snap ..

  4. Shashank says:

    Its like seeing a submerged mountain forest…
    What Noah’s dove would have seen when flying over the flooded world…
    Good pic in short 😉

  5. Anupa says:

    You know what went on ma mind by seeing this pict,..
    Lord of the rings movie..
    ther i saw something like this.

  6. deviprasanth says:


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