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‘trin trin ….’ it went with a buzz. I got up cursing the stupid alarm clock. 6.30 pm and my day started there! I knew I had only one hour left to get ready for work.

Lazily, I went to bathroom and switched on the water heater. Just then the doorbell rang.

“Dude, free on this Saturday? I have an extra pass for the rock concert!” It was my neighbor, Vipin. He just returned from work!

“Sorry bro, working on this Saturday too!” I was sad that I would miss the concert.

“Damn! On a Saturday!!! You are into deep mess man…” I felt that he was over animated for the situation. “Anyway, u get ready for work, buddy. I’ll ask Sujith”.

By 7.30 I was ready. I put my id card on and waited for my cab… just like a school boy waiting for the bus.

Few minutes later, my mobile buzzed. Well, it was a miss call. A Miss call meant that the cab had already reached. I locked the room and ran towards the cab.

Since I was staying close to the office I was picked up last and dropped first; one huge advantage of staying in the city. Yes, renting out a house in the Bangalore city burned my pocket like crazy, but any day it was better than spending 2 to 3 hours in the cab.

“Achayoo … pooeey” I tried to woke Achayan up as he was sleeping peacefully inside the cab. Just then Achu said “dude, don’t wake him up… we picked him up from the ‘down town pub’. Today is his second wedding anniversary. Let him rest for some more time!” He finished with a naughty smile.

Achayan was a tank. No man could ever beat him in that! But it was great fun to be around him and his Dubai stories were one big hit among us!  

Normally, the cabs in Bangalore soared like a Porche! They never cared about the rough & bumpy Indian Roads! The poor people inside the cab felt like they were trapped in a house boat which was swaying violently in the storm and those outside; they won’t get time to think of anything, but to save themselves.


Once I was inside the office, the only thing I saw was numbers… just like in matrix. Yes! We had targets & it was a nightmare. All our incentives were directly proportional to the number of customers we converted or say, the number of people we successfully fooled around!

The team leaders used to brief us daily about the importance of numbers and the role of each and every one in the team. Since I was one among the tenured agents in the program, my targets and campaigns were bit grueling…

In addition to all these, they used to put up the stats on the stupid board every day and the whole chics on the floor used to survey that. I didn’t know whether anybody cared about my performance there except my team leader & manager; yet, I always wanted impress the people around & also wanted to be one among the top performers. Thus I, myself, made my sweet life miserable out there. My happiness became directly proportional to the number of sales I made!


“Here comes the ‘memo man’” my friends cheered as Moopan walked towards us. Breaks were the greatest relief for us and we generally met at the smoking bay or in the canteen during those times. Smoking zone was also called ‘the second cloud’ as the complete area used to be covered with nothing but cigarette smoke. Yes, passive smoking was more injurious to health; but then, I didn’t want to miss out the fun of being out there with friends.

Moopan just got a memo for sleeping during the calls. When the customer asked him about the bank, he mentioned that it was a shattered bank instead of charted bank! His manager got furious and issued a memo straight away.

“Party at my house this week end, comrades… on successful completion of my 3rd memo. One more memo and I am out this place. So time to enjoy” Moopan was high on spirits and people around him cheered him up.

At the end of the day the team leader, as usual, appeared again with the stats. “Why? Why? Why have our sales dropped?” followed by his sentimental or threatening speech. As this was a usual drama and we were never bothered about it. We pretended to listen.

“What happened to all of you guys?” He scanned each and everyone in his team and shook his head to express his disbelief. “Come on… Where is the spirit, guys?”

“It’s with Achayan” Achu whispered to me, for which I couldn’t help myself laughing… 

Our team leader then explained passionately about the following day’s ‘attack’ plan as if we were on a war!!! But who cares!

Well, that was a normal ‘night’ at work… & it used to be like that. Work was fun in a way, but hectic too. After all those drama, mostly by 7.30 in the morning, I used to reach my room.

Now one question: When did I eat? Well, even after working in a BPO for 21 months, I never figured that out. Usually I skipped most of the meals and the depressing part was that most of the times I didn’t even realize that I had forgotten to eat! Many people benefited from that; but the one who profited most was my doctor, as I was a frequent visitor.

That was my life till early 2007 and I badly wanted to break free from that. And one day it happened. I got an interview call from XIME ….


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  1. Ashik says:

    dont forget to mention the microwave………….

  2. Anupa. A. V says:

    Hey……….. it’s good…………..Serial teller….Huh????
    Anyways i’m getting addicted!!!!
    What’s next?????

  3. hemanth says:

    good job Amal…….nice to see that you are not a DORMANT volcano, but one ready to erupt………..:)

  4. lapillus says:

    thank you 🙂 the best is yet to come 🙂 🙂 & Hemanth, yes chose the name like that 🙂 🙂 thanks alot 🙂

  5. sumi says:

    hey its interesting.. the chapter name has some vague resemblance with hp.. but the opening is cool.. waiting for the next..

  6. Jack Challis says:

    I like your style. I look forward to hearing more.

  7. lapillus says:

    thank u Jack & Sumi 🙂 Second Part will appear on thursday 🙂

  8. sukesh s says:

    daii hmmm kollam…..

  9. Ranju says:

    I never knew that you wud write..nice one

  10. Rose says:

    That was really good Amal. waiting for the next interesting topic ” XIME”

  11. […]… […]

  12. Minu says:

    Really interesting reading. Go online more often, to see if the next chapter is published.

  13. lekshmybinu says:

    yetta nice one….really interesting…

  14. lapillus says:

    wow 🙂 thank u Minu. That was encouraging 🙂 🙂 Next one most probably on saturday or sunday 🙂

    lekshmy, thank you so much. hope u enjoy the rest also.

  15. stanley says:

    hey cool da….the description has been wonderful especially abt moopan… abt the “shattered bank”…. lol… that was too funny……cool da …..

  16. Amal says:

    he he 🙂 🙂 ya, in fact it was funny 🙂 🙂

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