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“Fish markets are far better!!!” I thought when the group discussion was going on… Well, there were 16 MBA aspirants in one group and what else could have one expected there! I was disappointed when the group discussion turned into a group fight. True that I anticipated an active session there but never expected such a mess over there.

Once the group discussion was over, a list was put up which displayed the interview slots for each one. Few minutes later they called candidates to the interview room one by one, according to their slot numbers. The others were asked to wait in the discussion room.

Most of them were discussing animatedly about their XAT scores and other interview calls they had bagged. Suddenly somebody picked up some business magazine from the table and shouted “Look, this has the Fortune 500 list of companies. Probably they might ask us about this and that could be the reason why they might have kept it here.” Suddenly there was a fuss on that. The discussions followed then were based on that fortune list!

To be honest I didn’t know what ‘fortune 500’ meant at that time and so I didn’t bother to listen to that. I just waited patiently for my turn. I was given the 15th slot.

After few hours, the 13th person walked into the interview room. Only 3 remained in the discussion room.

That magazine was still there on the desk, but abandoned! I took that ‘once hot’ magazine and flipped through the pages. Then I thought of checking the status of my BPO in that so called list. I went through the list couple of times… but couldn’t find my company name anywhere in that!

“What a stupid list… No wonder I had never heard about this” I threw it back on the table, wondering why they had not put our company name in that!


Personal interview was going well. Suddenly one among the 3 members interview panel shot a question which struck me like a thunderbolt! “Now Amal, What is ‘electronics’?”

Even though I did Electronics & communication engineering, I was never passionate about that. I always hated the semi conductors, transistors and all. To me those were like aliens.

“Ok. Now explain to me the flow of current through a MOSFET.”

That guy gave me a hard time. I knew that I was losing… but somehow I answered him with the little knowledge I had about those stuffs.

Now it was the turn of the 3rd member, the then director of XIME. He was short and chubby and looked like he was in his late 50ies. He sat comfortably in a chair wearing rose shirt and yellow tie!

He shot a cold look at me. I knew something bad was coming. For a split second, I even considered the option of running away from there. But then, I was already exhausted after that ‘electronics’ round.

“Tell me babu, how many MBA colleges are there in our country?” He stressed on ‘how many’. It typically reminded me of the famous dialogue in the hit Hindi movie ‘Sholay’ where the villain asked his assistant “kitane aadmi de, kaaliya?”


After the GD & interview, I phoned my mom and said “I think I’ll get admission in some better colleges in Trivandrum (hometown). Bangalore is anyways not an ideal place for me!!! ”

Yes, a big lie. It was one of my dream colleges. Besides, I loved Bangalore than any other cities in India.

“But what with the interview u just gave” … She seemed to be at a complete loss.

“Hmm not bad …” I paused. “Actually mom, they grilled me and I think I lost it…” I said. 

“WHAT!!!” She didn’t speak for some time. “Anyway, let’s wait for the results.” she sighed.

— A week later …. Location: Alliance Business Academy, Bangalore —

I got selected for their MBA program and to confirm my seat I needed to pay Rs 25,000 on the spot. I was about to go to my ATM, when my mobile beeped

“Unknown caller”

“Oh not again… god, I don’t want a marketing/consultancy call now.”  

“Can I speak to Mr. Amal?”

“Yes, u may. How can I help you?” My BPO life had trained me to be polite with people over the phone…

“Hello, I am calling from XIME, OK?” …A lady said. I was thinking only about the 25,000 rupees and nothing else got registered to my memory then.

 ‘XIME’? What all crazy name do people put, these days, for their consultancies? I thought.

May be because of my silence, she said “Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship”

Oh my god, oh my god!!! My whole posture changed. Blood ran straight to my brain; and just like a uniformed soldier I said “Yes Ma’am”

“You are shortlisted. To confirm your admission, please pay the first term fees on next week.”

I was momentarily frozen, my mind blank; then I was floating, among the white clouds.

“Are you sure ma’am that it’s me?”

She just smiled. “Yes, you are Amal right? Then it’s you. I look forward to meeting you soon.”

Undoubtedly, one of the best moments in my life, back then…

‘The road to glory’ I thought.

Little I knew back then about the real road I was destined to walk in XIME…


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  1. Rose says:

    Amal that was also really good , i can guess who was the last interviewer who asked ,how many MBA college are there?

    • lapillus says:

      Thank you Rose 🙂 🙂 Who else could that be 😉 😉 the one & only 😉 😉 … He is starring in coming chapters 😉 Just wait madi 🙂

  2. Prasanth says:

    The only thing one wonders is whether any of the ‘funny characters’ became your class mates amal. And the yellow tie babu is well written. LOL. i can almost see the face before the question. but is it a certain burnt up guy who asked you all those questions of electronics?

  3. Anonymous says:

    yeah amal never knew u wr an awsum writer man…liking this very much…i guess the same thng happnd with most of us initially so cud relate to our lives also…gud job man!!!

  4. faraz says:

    yeah amal never knew u wr an awsum writer man…liking this very much…i guess same thng happnd with most of us initialy so we cud relate this to our lives also…gud job man!!!

    • lapillus says:

      thanks alot Faraz 🙂 🙂 what u said is right 🙂 🙂 may be it takes a deviation only after sometime 🙂 🙂

      Prasanth@ i dont r’ber the guy who asked abt electonics stuff 😦 thanks alot for the comments 🙂 🙂 . Soon pulsan will appear! 😉

  5. sumi says:

    hey this one was also nice.. i dint knw anything about the MBA interviews and the clleges.. i think this is something new to me.. its like i am standing next to u there and invisibly listing to wht ur doing.. so keep the good work going.. waiting for next..

  6. Anupa says:

    Hey……………it’s really nice.. i liked it…. Not boring… I think u can be like dan brown/ Alexander dumas etc…. Go ahead……. i can see a future in it… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. lapillus says:

    Dear Sumi, i am so glad to that u can visualize what i am writing :)…thank u so much for such a pleasing comment 🙂

    Dan brown! avaru kelkanda 😉 😉 thank u 🙂 🙂 i will try to meet ur expectation 🙂 dear

  8. Sujith says:

    Great work dude. This stuff is pretty interesting. As I had the misery of being your roommate both for engg and even in ur call centre days, i know how well a writer you are man. Remember those daily diaries of urs which i used to steal from u and read. I always enjoyed it bro. You have a nice style and a neat language. So go buddy go. :). Will wait for the next.

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