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“This is how you pull out the food materials stuck between your teeth when you are at a dinner party” and he went on demonstrating that… That was hilarious!!!

I’d have burst out laughing if the class hadn’t been packed with 60 students! Professor then moved on to other advanced areas of ‘dinner etiquette.’ He explained and demonstrated how to hold forceps, a knife, dinner napkin, etc.

Slowly my mind started drifting… Soon I was thinking about the farewell party I had thrown to my close friends while leaving my job. That was the last time we had an expensive dinner. One thing for sure, none of my 8 friends, at that time, never even thought about the basic table etiquettes that even a common man should be observing! For us, all that mattered was food. Even the chicken bones weren’t spared; total barbarianism!

Achayan was at his best. He picked up a chicken leg piece and said “oh my dear chico, u r the heart of my soul, love of my lonely life & the light of my living room. Welcome to my sacred world!”

Achu’s comment came at once. He cleared his throat and talked with a deliberate bass. “All the sins – it had done – in this life and the previous ones – got washed away now. Amen!”

It was real fun until the bill arrived…

“Ok students we’ll meet in some other classes. I hope u wouldn’t forget to use these etiquettes next time when you dine!” Professor concluded as the bell rang and the 70% of the class who woke up with that bell wondered which dinner he was talking about!!!

Induction classes lasted for one week and I felt that those were ‘the’ most uninteresting classes in the first trimester.

“Da, seniors will come this week end!!!” Pakru was bit upset.

“Oh! that means that it’s time for us to do some ragging”

That was Kadavanthara, the bluff master … No wonder why he did well in non technical group discussions! Looks wise he had a noble guise. But the moment he spoke, everything was gone! The person on other end might even say “would you kindly stop this bluffing?”

That was too much for Pakru. He threw his dirty socks on him and screamed “Who asked your opinion here? You fool!”  

It was always fun to be with those guys.

By the week end the ‘seniors’ came back to the campus. I was expecting some kind of mischievous sprites who were ready to demolish our small beautiful world! I wondered whether it would be like the engineering college ragging!

But they were not dangerous as expected. As a matter of fact, they were not even a 5 percent close to that. The so called ragging session was an utter waste.

“Hey you, tell me the names of 5 hottest girls in your batch.” One big guy shouted…

Five was too much! I hardly knew any names then… Somehow I managed to list 3 names…

Fortunately he wasn’t upset about that. “After all what’s there in a name, buddy. Go on & tell me how to identify them…”

I started describing them…

“Sorry boss, I don’t have the time to check their eyes, lips and all… tell me the ‘other’ things!” he deliberately stressed on the ‘other’. The crowd cheered him up…

Well, the golden rule to get out the ragging situation is this: Speak what that they want to hear… 

I spoke for next 3 minutes and that was it…

“Well done buddy. Welcome to XIME hostel…”


The next day there was a continuation of this in the college basket ball ground…

Some girls wanted me to sing some Malayalam song. I tried my level best to save them from the distress but they were persistent! I hardly ‘sang’ two lines than they screamed “ohh … please”!!!

That was my whole ragging section … 


The next few weeks were amazing. Knowing each other, making new friends, exploring new shops & hotels… all were fun. Days went by. I thought XIME life was heavenly. 

It is said that the devil kisses you when you least expect it… and so it happened!

One day, all of a sudden the villain appeared on the notice board!


Oh – my – god! I am not prepared at all for that.

Just like any other ‘normal’ student in the world, I also had that baffling question deep inside my head – “why the hell do they take exams? Cant they make out my smartness without conducting exams?”

XIME followed a wonderful philosophy: Students should write a minimum of 2-3 exams a day and should never be given the liberty of study leave.

Well, no one had ever wasted their time in analyzing whether it was good or bad as there was no point in doing that! One great advantage of an autonomous college: Yes kid, you can’t question anything here; You just obey!

I stopped my gym, I stopped going out, I stopped hanging around with friends… and what all things I did; God only knows! According to it students were denied the liberty of study leave and also had to write 2-3 exams a day and

But did any of those make any difference!

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  1. John D says:

    aarada ee Pakru.?? i told you to put ‘mundan’ rt??
    okay,,if it lacks style then try ‘midget’..

  2. Anonymous says:

    thats was also good, but who is pakru & kadvanthra? then who was that funny professor?

  3. Sherry says:

    This part is the best one so far…Kadavanthara part is excellent…

  4. delix says:…way 2 go, its gettin really interesting….pls mention d characters in d footnotes…

    who is tis kadavanthra guy?????(***son)

  5. lapillus says:

    thank you guys 🙂 Kadavanthara !!! u can guess 😉 😉 Delix i ll tell u soon 🙂 🙂 Sherry, wait for ur appearance 😉 😉
    Thank u Anonymous 🙂

  6. sumi says:

    hey some parts like the 2 charaters are unclear,,, but the other than tht its gud…but wht a stupid ragging… hey so u have noticed girls.. cool man..

    • lapillus says:

      those characters are like that Sumi. They add fun to it 🙂 may be in coming episodes u will understand it better 🙂 🙂 and ya, it was stupid ….

  7. Anupa says:

    My dear jaanu………….
    I read the comments posted by ur friends… I guess they are enjoying it more thatn i do….. i just feel like reading another Chethan Bhagat’s story. Anywayz let me enjoy this way 🙂

  8. Anupa says:

    U have a gift my bro……..

  9. Anupa says:

    Show that gift to the whole world… Don’t stop sharing it among us… It’s time to move on!!!!!!

  10. stanley says:

    cool man amal….kudos to that nice description…..

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