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“this is not allowed here. Don’t u know that u r an MBA student? Cut your hair short. I shouldn’t see u like this again.” That was our president.

But don’t dare calling him ‘sir’ or ‘professor’ with his name attached to it as that was something he hated. Yes you can go ahead and address him so, in case you love playing with fire!

‘Mr. President’, that’s the name!

Truly, ‘the Lion of XIME’ who could make or break any student or faculty.  Even the name sends shivers across the small kingdom of XIME, just like the ‘he who must not be named’ or ‘you know who’ in legendary Harry Potter or like ‘Führer’, the great Hitler, in Germany.

Everyone in XIME feared and respected him and it was he who built XIME. She was one among the top MBA colleges in India during that time and definitely all the credit for that went to him. In a way, he was the backbone of XIME. But his style of management was different…

Whatever it was I always tried to keep myself away from him, just like most others. The main reason was that the chances of attracting ‘fines’ were very high if one met him face to face. The reasons were as silly as ‘carrying a mobile phone’ or ‘not wearing a tie’ or even ‘not shaving’.

In my case, I think, I must have been one of his favorite victims! I had become very friendly with our college accountant only because of those colouful fines…

“Hi Amal, tell me the fine amount.” Miss MR asked me as soon as she saw me in the college admin office.

“250 rupees ma’am” I said. She scribbled something on the receipt book.

“And the reason for fine?” She enquired.

“Er – not wearing a tie”

“Great! Keep it up” She handed over the receipt to me with a smile.

“Thank you” I said as I handed over the money.

“Ya, hope to see you around soon.” She said in a boring tone. That was like a smooth slap on face.

“Never again” I thought, “will I make the mistake of bumping into our President!”


Well it was true that, like most others in the world, even I craved to become a model. But fortune didn’t favour me much. Even so, I enjoyed changing my looks and style very often. So cutting my hair short was something which I could not have even dreamt about at that time. I loved my long hair passionately and was proud of that too. So I ignored the king’s caveat.

If truth be told, a huge risk I attempted back then!

Sensing the alarm bells, some of my warmhearted seniors advised me “dude, listen. This is not gonna take you anywhere. I guess you should cut your hair!”

“Well, he’s got a point there buddy. I think you should listen to him” it was that big guy. “Besides, you must understand that there can never ever be two lions in a jungle! Either you should give up your mane or your MBA!”

Well, that left me with little or no choice!


The first day after midterm exams brought two ‘shocks’ to my friends in the campus. One, obviously is the score sheets, which not only gave a shock but also a heart attack to me, and the other one was my new look. I looked completely different in short hair and there was an outburst of comments from every direction… some appreciated it and others took a dim view of it.

“Long hairs suited you. This one is not that good” Pakru gave an honest feedback.

“Poda. Previously he looked like some rowdy. Now he looks decent, at least!” Kadavanthara responded quickly. He then winked at me.

“Oh! The Golden words from the super model… phew. Shut up you, idiot!” slapped Pakru.

As time passed I started appreciating my new look and so did others.

“Condolences! I know how sad it is to lose something which you love passionately. But fate! Nobody can do anything about that” that was Achayan. He had seen my photos in Orkut and had called me.

As usual he was drunk! “But kid, you look civilized now… just like ME…” he laughed.

“What!” I couldn’t help expressing my shock.


Classes were boring as usual as most of the things taught in the class were soaring well above my head. I felt that the first term was packed with all utter nonsense subjects ranging from stupid accountancy to mind blowing ‘Indian Society’… I didn’t like those much.

But the ‘outstanding’ performance in the midterm exams demanded me to work hard to score 5 point GPA in an 8 grade scale.

By the way, one needs to score at least a CGPA of 5 to pass. As time went on I realized that scoring 5 point GPA was bit impractical.

Pressure mounted day by day and I succumbed gradually…

Yes, that was the point where I lost it & my life became terrible thereafter!!!


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  1. Khushboo says:

    Hey ….how cum we never came to know abt this creative side of urs Amal…
    Kudos to u for ur writing!!!

    But ur post reminded me of that sadist (the one who must not be named)…. 😦 …but i guess the saga cant be told without talking abt him ….can it be?

    Keep it rolling !!

    • lapillus says:

      that was a lovely and pleasing comment Khushboo… Thanks alot 🙂 🙂
      About the other part … well, everything in xime revolves around him …. So 🙂 🙂 Hope u would enjoy the rest too… 🙂 🙂

  2. Rose says:

    at last the LION OF XIME was introduced…… i like that…………… good……… fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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