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Chetan Bhagat was a great inspiration during that time! His 5 point someone caught my attention…

“What make you choose this way?” That was Raj, our librarian. “Anyway, pleased to see you in the library Amal!” He was bit surprised at my visit to the library.

“Er – I need Chetan Bhagat’s ‘5 point someone’…”

“Sorry, Amal. It’s been issued! Any other book you would like to take?”  

I looked around. As Usual XIME library was heavily packed with faculty and students. It was also the place where most of the students meetings took place. So that made it one of the most happening places in XIME. But I always hated crowd!

“That’s fine. No issues.” I thanked him…

Without wasting any time, I rushed to Pulusan’s room…

Pulusan was a very warm hearted and hard working person but at the same time spoke lot of stupid things too. The good thing about him was that he read a lot and so had a most of the books with him.

“This is an amazing book. You know what, there is an incident in the book which says…” blah blah blah…. He was well animated. After about 15 minutes, I told him:

“Thanks a lot buddy. Don’t break the suspense. I’ll read it myself”

“No, I have not reached the suspense part… Well, that one is different. You know, towards the end…”

“Dude, nooo!!! Please I’ll read it myself. Thanks a lot. I’ll catch you later.” I cut him there and started walking.

“Ya, u r welcome. But I suggest that you should read ‘World is flat’ now!” I just smiled and kept walking.

 The results came during the 2nd or 3rd week of 2nd trimester. As expected, I scored below 5 GPA (4.74), an honor which was secured only by some 12 or 13 students in that batch of 120! And so we called ourselves 4 point someone.

But being in that band was not charming at all… Everything in XIME revolved around the GPA or CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average).  You eat, drink & sleep CGPA.

Students were never given the corrected end term answer sheets. Also they were not told the marks they scored in the final exams. All they saw or heard was ‘the’ 3 lettered word, G-P-A. Well, no one can question an autonomous body! The only thing that was possible was to get habituated to that practice. Indisputably that was the safest option for any student. But is it what you expect from a future manager!

The second term was not that boring as it was ‘action packed’. Also we had an opportunity to meet & interact with some of the greatest comedians of our time… Yet, we called them ‘professors’ or ‘teachers’!!!


There was something during that time which bugged me like hell – The great ‘REMEDIAL ENGLISH CLASS”!!!

In the first term, a ma’am came to class wearing a churidhar & white Reebok Running shoes and she introduced herself to us as the new ‘managerial skills’ professor!

“Students…”she stressed on ‘stu’. “It’s a great pleasure…” she paused to scan the students on the right side of the class through her half moon glasses.

“…to see you all to-gether” finally she completed after scanning the students on the left side.

“Now, just to see… where you stand… in terms of… language… let us take… a small … TEST”

With that she took a mumbo jumbo test … that too on the very first day of her class! I hated tests like anybody else…

I scribbled some nonsense and handed it back to her. Little I knew then, about the calamities it was about to bring…

Based on that and our one & only G-P-A, they put some 45 students (out of 120) to a special class and they named it “REMEDIAL ENGLISH CLASS”. The purpose behind this was to teach apposite managerial English to those 45 ‘deserving’ students! I was one among those lucky kids!!!

When my friends were either sleeping in the room or browsing or flirting, I killed time in the classroom with our unfriendly ma’am!!!


Days went by. One day, I met someone who was very lively and keyed up all the time. He was our new dean-cum-operations management professor…

Well, he was a kind hearted man, and was always ready to help other people. But the problem was that he didn’t know how to say ‘no’ & most importantly when to say that! As a result he invited all the trouble that passed through his vicinity. Anyway, because of his friendly nature, we became friends pretty soon and it was with his inspiration & support, I organized the first ever trekking trip in the history of XIME.

Classrooms or textbooks never taught everything. It had its own limitation. Well, in my case I guess, I picked up the most important lessons from outside the classroom.

Trekking trip was one of the greatest events in my XIME life. By and large, outings or trips helped students to know more about each other and it also promoted friendship. In addition to that few students get a chance to enhance their leadership skills. Ideally, it should be organized by first year students and that makes sense. When my Professor & I started this, we thought & expected that the coming generation would take this forward. We still believe and hope that they would.

But organizing and managing it wasn’t an easy task…

I spend three weeks on that and it was nothing but sheer hard work. I can’t forget the people who helped me organize that, without them it wouldn’t have been a reality. Fortunately, all went well and the Mekedatu Trekking trip was a huge success…

“Amal, I really enjoyed each and every moment of the trip and in my opinion, it was fantastic… Anyway, what’s your take on that?” professor expressed his views when I met him in the office next day.

“Well… I guess so…” I paused. “though I never got any feedback, sir”

“ah! That’s okay. Let’s wait… they soon would appreciate it” he said

But it never happened… I guess my batch mates failed to thank the ones who put their blood & sweat to it, to make it a hit. I didn’t expect such a negative response from them.

 Anyway, it is past. I just picked up my first lesson and moved forward:



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  2. Rose says:

    Good amal……………….. reminding of all those moments, which i had with you guys………. any way i was also in that trip…………………..

    U all reminds me of my college days and all those moments which i had with my friends…………………. Thank you

    • lapillus says:

      Ya, u were with us that time 🙂 🙂 Remember our military prof 😉 and u r welcome ….
      Thank you very much for the support and inspiration 🙂 🙂

  3. Rose says:

    4 point someone , i liked that also

  4. anupa says:

    It’s really fantastic. I too stand with ur opinion “never expect anything from anyone”.. Really it’s true and a fact… But u know my ma’m(Dr.Asha) in SCTIMST…..” She never fails to appreciate anyone even for simple things”. I love her 4 that…. !!!Compliments ‘ll trigger our confidence!!!
    U r my sweet bro… and i know that “u r too smart to do things”. So keep it up. Something good no.. “THE BEST” IS WAITING 4 U somewhere. So chase ur dreams. U ‘ll reach there soon.. 🙂 🙂

  5. Deepthi says:

    Good going dude!!!!
    waiting for your next seeries……..but I guess last year’s trip u dint come……
    I assure you are the next Udayan 🙂

    • Amal says:

      there is a reason behind that 🙂 will come in the coming chapters 🙂 🙂 & Udayan… kurachu koodi poyille? 😉 😉

  6. Sherry says:

    He he he…

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