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The energy levels were pretty high on the campus during the first two weeks of third trimester; possibly because of the long winter vacation we had… But for me there were couple of other reasons too. My midterm exams during the second trimester went well and also I had performed quite reasonably in the final exams. So naturally I was expecting good grades this time. More over I had great plans for the next trip. I worked out a nice plan during the winter holidays and was eager to put that into action.

“da, have you decided the place?” Kadavanthara asked.

“Well, that’s a secret for the time being” Since I wanted to surprise them, I thought of keeping it a secret till the last moment.

“Alright, then keep it to some place like the last one where there are waterfalls” He winked at me.

“But waterfalls were not in our plans last time. It was an accident!” I recollected. “Ya, but everyone liked that it became a hit because of that.” I added.

“oh! Then make it purposefully this time. May be we can go to a water theme park or so!” He smiled as he finished… I understood that, so I laughed too…

“Why is that? What’s so special about waterfalls” Pulusan was confused.

“That’s a secret. Besides it’s not for kids” Kadavanthara whispered to him…

I went ahead with my original plan. But this time things weren’t easy like last time. College put lot many constrain into it and I had to meet our director and admin-dean quite often. But that was an easy task compared to the other headaches I had to suffer. Most of the people who helped me last time chose not to be a part of organizing team for some reason and that put me into turmoil as I couldn’t find immediate replacements! This single fact multiplied the amount of work I had to put into it. But I was determined and so I went ahead doing most of things myself….

In between, there was a huge surprise waiting for me in our classroom … Our president got busy that term with some work and so he decided to share his ‘Managerial Skills 2’ (MSK) classes with some other faculty. That was great news to us… ‘Stress reduced by 50%!!!’ that’s was what we thought initially. But life is like a box of chocolates … u never know …

One fine morning she walked into the MSK class, wearing churidhar and white Reebok shoes!!! I was literally paralyzed to see her again in the class… But she seemed happy to be back in the class.

“Now Amal, read that paragraph for me…” She said.

I started reading that and in between somewhere she asked me to stop. “Hold it! Now say ‘remarkable’”

She pronounced ‘Remarkable’ in typical British way. Her mastery over the language had surprised me many times. In fact, she was very good at British accent. I tried to reproduce that… but…

“No no… You don’t have to roll your tongue that much, you understand”

I tried again. Maybe because I had used it that way for more than 2 years, during my work at BPO, I couldn’t change it all of a sudden… it had become a habit by then. There I had to roll my tongue for ‘R’ as our customers were Americans. I tried to explain the same to her.

 “See, don’t give me any silly excuse. You have to do it. Now try once again” She seemed not bothered about that.

Even I was irritated… I was not there for accent training! I repeated the same way…

Unfortunately, our egos clashed all the time for some ‘unknown’ reason and I had a hard time spending time in her class… I always thought of planning a one man mutiny against her!!! but it remained only in dreams.


Marketing Management, Human Resources Management, Financial Management, Quantitative Technique etc… all were there; the usual nonsense topics, but with a twist. Amidst all these there was another class which compensated for everything – ‘Research Methodology’ which was handled by our ex – director. He was a great man. He loved his students very much and was always available to students.

No doubt, he was one sweet heart of our college. But, whatever he said seriously was a comedy for us and whatever he said comically was stupidity for us!!!

However, I think, he never knew this… So, often his classes were one great domicile of entertainment.

Here goes a live example: An incident that happened in our senior’s class.

He took a test in the class and in between, a girl had some problem with her pen. She tried to borrow it from her neighbors, but they didn’t have an extra pen!

So our kind hearted Director took his pen and gave it to the boy in the first row “babu, give this pen to the madam”

He passed it on to her. But she seemed to have trouble in opening it. So to help her, our professor called out, innocently:

“Screw it ma’am, screw it!!!!”

Just imagine the outburst of laughter that followed!!!

One day after the class I met him and asked the permission for the trip. That was not the first time I was asking him, so he said “Make sure that some faculty is accompanying you.”

“Also gets a declaration letter from students stating that they themselves are responsible for the adventure they undertake! In case something happens, I don’t want anyone to blame the college!!!” 

That was information overload for me especially at that time … I got very much excited when he gave the permission.

I said “yes sir… I will do it.”

Some 60+ students gave their names. Well, that was a decent number, considering the fact that the strength of the whole batch is 120. So I started working on the finance part which obviously was a pain in the neck… Once that was done, I met some of the bus service providers and booked the buses. One by one I set everything and I was getting more and more excited.

But there was one task left … collecting the money…


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  2. Rose says:

    da u organised the 2nd trip too………. i didnt know that…….. but u were not there na…………… what happened in between…………………… our great PANDU……………….

    • Amal says:

      that’s right 🙂 🙂 Hope u liked that part …. but abt the trip…. ya, it’s was a different issue 🙂 🙂 will let u know soon 🙂

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