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The Monsoon season had already started… one of the loveliest climates … The rain and the chilly weather in Bangalore during this time seduces one to be lazy and cozy all the time. The one who suffers most here is definitely the alarm clock… It starts the day receiving ‘breathtaking’ abuses from left, right and center!

I was staying in a room which was some 20 minutes away (by foot) from the Print Point Pvt India Ltd. (in Electronic city, Bangalore), where I did my summer internship. By the way, Electronic city is a well developed place…may be you could compare it with the cities in Great Brittan! Avoiding manholes and pits and reaching office was an everyday challenge… but I was lucky all the time…

The first thing I did after reaching my office was cleansing my pants & shoes!!! Otherwise I would have had look like a leopard … with all those mud spots on my pants!!!

Print Point was heaven. I enjoyed each and every moment of my work there. To be frank, that was the first time when I felt that I was learning something useful… after coming to XIME! Learning with fun – that’s the precise word.  

During the third term there was something which really annoyed us – choosing the ‘major’. One day when I walked into Pakru’s room, I saw Pulusan, Kadavanthara and Pakru engaged in a heated argument. Pakru was trying to establish that Finance was the best option one could ever pursue in life. On the other side Pulusan proclaimed that the world would stop all of a sudden if there were no Marketing professionals.

But it was Kadavanthara’s views that bamboozled us…

“Look, where is this world going?” He asked to everyone and waited. Nobody responded.

“Well, you are right. You don’t know that… just like me! My dear friends, all I want to say is that this is an era of Globalization!” He spoke like a great politician.  

“What will you become at the end? At the most, some VP of Marketing or Finance, right? Look guys, this won’t take you anywhere. If you want to become a CEO, just like I want to, then you need to know the whole stuff” he paused.

“So the point I want to make is simple: Only those who do general management survive!” He then looked at us…

I was sure that Pakru wanted to respond. But he was too paralyzed to do that!

Different people chose different ways to select their subject… some consulted their professors, some their parents or friends… Some went with the majority, some took it because their girl friends or boyfriends took it … & there were some who decided it through poll!!! 

But mine happened like this. I didn’t like marketing – enough of ‘targets & numbers’; then finance, sorry boss… I was too scared of that; and HR, – oh – my -god!!! not my cup of tea… so that left me with two harmless choices, Operations & Systems… & I took those…

Now once you do that you have to select the subjects accordingly. We have ten electives spread over a period of three terms. I chose 3 electives for the 4th term.


The next thing that we looked forward to was the selection of rooms and room partners… First year there were 4 people in one room and that too put according to the roll numbers! For the second year we can choose the roommates as we wish… I was lucky to have two great friends as my roommates, Inder & Vijayanand…

Everything was going well. I got nice roommates, a nice project, a happy and satisfied management… I thought it was probably the best time of my life… but…

Happiness or sorrow never last too long. Life always strikes a balance between them… Yes, something brutal was hunting for me out there!!!

It didn’t take much time for that fiend to find me… in a little while; I received the most brutal kick in the teeth… Again it came in the attire of the three lettered beast: GPA!!!

One day morning, Vijayanand rang me up and informed that results were out. I rushed to the college, holding my breath… I don’t think I expected anything. I just wanted to see where I landed …

…Straight to the crux… GPA of 4.46 and the CGPA glided down to 4.66! (OMG!!!) Yes, I crashed down to the rock bottom… My chances of completing MBA became dim… I really got scared …

“I can’t go below this… it’s the limit…” I said to myself…

Later I realized that it’s the XIME way of doing things. They pull down the grades drastically during the third term so that students become cautious and get geared up for the coming terms… Can’t blame that ideology, though people share different opinion…

Two days later I received a call from my sister. She said that she received a letter from my college…

“What the hell!!” I was shocked!!! My next question was “did father see that???”

Fortunately, the letter found him when he was working… So he gave it to my sister and asked her to let him know whether there was something important in it or not.

My sister said “Oh! Just that he is doing fine there” !!! Love you sis for that…

Then when she phoned me, she read out the entire letter for me and the last line was ridiculous… “If he doesn’t score above 5 CGPA by the end of this year, he’ll not be eligible for the degree!!!”  

Petrified… that’s the word there!

Thank God that she didn’t say those things to dad; otherwise he would have had the greatest shock of his life time!!!  

“it’s the last time… yes, never again …” I was determined.


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  2. Rose says:

    realistic facts happened in life and that CGPA stuff……………………. everytime haunting u , everywhere and everywhere term and at last in the form of a LETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Shashank says:

    Dude.. when my mom received that letter even she got pissed beyond belief… It was the most useless thing as it gave tension to people who had nothing to do with the situation.
    I wonder if the stupid place thought it was motivating..

    Wonder if Maslov’s Hierarchy features this in his theory? do we ask philip? 😉

    • Amal says:

      dude, ur knack to crack jokes has always amazed me… like u did here 🙂 🙂
      Thats right … it was NOT motivating 😉 at ALL 😉 😉

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