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One day when I went to college, I saw some of my batch mates talking gloomily about someone…

“Who thought man that this would happen to Lehman!” One guy said sadly.

“Ya, that’s true. But, what will happen to the rest of them now?” the other one responded…

I stood there baffled… “What happened to our Lehmann!” I thought.

The only ‘Lehmann’ I knew then was the Australian cricketer ‘Daren Lehmann’! He was a great Australian cricketer and I liked his style of play. I rushed to the library to see what had happened to him! I took the ‘Times of India’ and on the front page I saw it…

Oh, it’s not our Lehmann, some investment bank!!!  “who cares, anyway…”

But that ‘some’ i-bank brought the most dreadful mess we ever had! In a way, it marked the beginning of the darkest era of this century. Being a science student, I had no clue about economics except for the dry theory taught in the class. But after the fall of these giants, I did a sincere attempt to understand how the economy works. Thus newspapers and Wikipedia became my friends.  The more I tried to understand it, the more fascinated I became and from then on economics became my love.

That ‘some i-bank’ issue didn’t end there! It did introduce another nonsense to me…

The second devil that came to my life without being invited was ‘recession’. From the day one of its appearance, it had been a great nuisance to all… It still haunts many across the globe… including us… & it’s the only reason why many of us remain jobless, even today!

Also it is this same devil that caused the unemployment ratio of the planet to skyrocket to a different level. Many individuals and families suffered heavily…

But the ones who suffered most, unnecessarily, because of this ‘recession’ are the management students! No doubt about that. What all stupid things we had to do and suffer because of it. Our assignments, presentations, quizzes, class tests & exams were all heavily loaded with this barbarian!

I had chosen 4 electives, during this term, along with the other regular subjects. Fortunately or unfortunately, we didn’t have a faculty for one elective, materials management, as they couldn’t find a professor to teach that subject. So that became a self study subject. The other elective classes were quite interesting and I loved attending those classes… partly because of the faculty and partly because of the fascinating topics…

After the internship, I found it really easy to compare the class room topics with the real world scenarios. So I felt some sense in the lectures… one big advantage of summer internship!!!   


By then, i guess, the dark clouds that were hovering around me had started moving away bit by bit… One evening, when I was doing my assignments, the message came…

RESULTS out!!!

I became anxious all of a sudden… I was waiting for this for a long time… But I didn’t rush. I took my time and walked slowly to the campus… yes, I was nervous…

“5.5! good work Amal” some of my batch mates congratulated me when they met me on my way to the college.

“Thanks dude”

But I went to college to see the results myself and it was there, in the notice board. That was the first time I was crossing 5!  

‘5.5 GPA’ was actually not a big deal… but considering my position then, it was… Yes, I became happy and most importantly I felt bit relieved…

Thus my CGPA moved to 4.84… But I had miles still to walk before I slept… I knew that and so I decided not to relax but to continue the same amount of effort and work… I came back to the room and continued my assignment…

That was the only time I scored a band 5 GPA!!!


During this time we had a finance professor, Prof. MT. He was too good at his subject, but his communication skills were his Achilles’ heel. However he was very polite and ‘always available to students’. It was he who made me good at economics. Whenever I got time, I used to go to his office and discussed the then present economic situation.

He had a different ideology. Once he said “First, I analyze the student’s knowledge and then explain to him/her in a way they would understand. You have an engineering background. I cannot talk to you like I talk to a finance/commerce student. But in class I cannot apply this theory as it’s a mix of all. I wish I could customize for each and everyone… but…”

He was very patient and many times I had a strange feeling that he was considering me like a nursery student. Anyway, I benefitted a lot. He explained to me the basics of Economics and Financial Markets. He gave the simplest examples to support the theory and connected it well to the then present economy… Gradually my knowledge base improved…

Moreover I started reading the news papers regularly… Analyzing the market trend and keeping track of stock markets became a day to day activity… Gradually I realized that the core subjects were becoming too easy for me as almost every subject had got some connection with those I learned…  

But only few of my batch mates made the right use of him. For most of them, he was a piece of ‘nonsense’ as his communication abilities were not good. Unfortunately, he didn’t stay for more than 3 months in XIME.

In my personal opinion, XIME lacked such ‘real’ faculty in the campus who could dedicate their time for students. In my two years of life here I understood that they failed to bring in such talent* to the campus and if by chance they did, they couldn’t  retain them for long… as a result the faculty here were compared to the ‘winter wheat’… Nobody really knew whether they would be seeing the same faculty again in the succeeding term!!!

* ‘talent’ and ‘high profile’ are entirely two different things… Teaching is a skill…


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  2. Rose says:

    Good………… recession made u to think and read more…………………. Atlast CGPA achieved………………………

    True, teaching is a skill, which everyone cannot achieve……………… i can guess who was that Professor of finance who was there only for 3 months………………….

    ya in XIME, faculty were compared to the ‘winter wheat’… ……………… some of them u might not see the very next term…………….

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