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“Hope I am not disturbing your writing” Pulusan walked into my room on that convocation night.

He had become one of my great friends by then. Also, Pulusan was not a ‘stupid kid’ any more. Two years of MBA life had changed him a lot… He was hired as a Marketing Manager by one of the reputed banks in the country.

“I am leaving tomorrow… I’ll stay with my parents for some days… may be, till the bank sends me the offer letter.” He was sad… he loved hostel life and everyone knew that…

Silence reigned for sometime…

“Abraham is also leaving tomorrow. There won’t be anyone to take care of ‘placements’ after that” he paused.

“You know, you can do something there…” That was the second time he was mentioning that.

“I understand that… But … you know, I am really enjoying this writing. I don’t know whether I can fix my mind on anything else now!” I gave an honest reply.

“Well, maybe then, you can make calls … considering that you have experience in BPO?”

“Er – ” I was hesitant…

“Ya, maybe I can spare one or two hours daily for that” I said, even though I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to do that…

The discussion then drifted to something else… After a while, as he left the room, I returned to my writing…


“Oh God… Dude, its 11.30… how can I sleep like this?” Inder said as he woke up. “And you are ready!!!”

We had planned to go to KFC at 11.30 am… Inder and I loved KFC madly. We used to go there on alternative weekends and usually settled for nothing less than a bucket chicken!

This time it was his treat. When he asked where I wanted him to throw a treat, I didn’t even take a moment to think…

KFC … the one and only! I proclaimed…

Inder also got placed in that same bank. The treat was on that joy.

“Come dude, let’s go.” Inder announced, still lying on his bed.

“Dude, don’t you think that you should get ready first… and most importantly, that you should get up from the bed!”

He just smiled. “Twenty minutes champ. I’ll be ready by then”

“Let’s see that then…” I challenged him as I knew that it was the only way to make him get ready in twenty minutes…

“Inder, I’ll be here in the corridor or downstairs. Let me know once you are done.” I told him as I put my camera and wallet in my jeans pocket.

My mind was full of my stories. I had reached 9th chapter by then. I was trying to give it a shape…

Tossing those thoughts deep in my mind, I walked through the corridor…

“Hey Amal…” A familiar sound pulled me back from that magical world…

I looked around to identify the source of that sound. It was Abraham. He was in his room packing his stuff.

Abraham was a part of the committee and was doing a great job. But some personal matters came up in between and it demanded his immediate presence at home…

“Hi…” I greeted. “So leaving today, right?”

“Well, yes…” he nodded.

I looked around. His books, clothes, electronic gadgets, files and bags lie scattered there… Shifting room was always a tedious task. Packing, transporting, unpacking, and finally arranging all those again in a new place… a total headache thing!!! I hated that… like everyone else…

“Hey, there is something you can do!” he gasped as he pulled down something from the cupboard.  

Suddenly I recollected the chat I had with Pulusan last night…

“Ya, I know… yesterday I talked with Pulusan and I think I can take calls for…”

“No, no it’s not about the calls…” He looked at me thoughtfully. “Well, I think you are the right person to handle the BoM”

BoM was coming on 15th to the campus to participate in the campus placements. But Abraham’s words came like a thunderbolt. I never wanted to coordinate that or even go anywhere closer to that…

I was about to say some excuse, but then

“Look, you have to coordinate everything. Also should be in touch with one Mr…” he started explaining.

I thought I would give some excuse once he finished explaining. But… he was giving some details… & I listened…

Minutes passed… After some time,

“Now take down this number ….” He said and I saved that number in my mobile.

“I am sure you will do it well and in case of any clarification, please feel free to call me. And don’t worry; Baby will be there to help you.”

Baby was standing next to Abraham and he nodded his head approvingly…

“Now look, who’s late here! Come on, buddy…  We are already running short of time. Let’s go!” Inder shouted from behind.

“One sec, dude… I’m coming”

I then looked at Abraham.

“Alright… You carry on…” Abraham said. “And do remember the guidelines… Good luck!”

I was baffled!!!

What have I done now? Signed up for something which I had never even thought of getting associated with!

Just then Inder gave me a sharp look while tapping his index finger on his wrist watch.

I bid farewell to Abraham and rushed to Inder…


KFC was fun. But the Recession had hit them too! They had reduced the size of the chicken pieces and that greatly did upset me. I wouldn’t have felt that bad if they had increased the price. But reducing the size was not at all acceptable!

I concentrated on the bucket chicken. However my mind was not completely on the crispy chicken pieces. BoM thoughts popped up occasionally and frightened me…. I doubted whether Abraham was making a horrible mistake!

We reached our hostel back by evening. I tossed the same matter, again & again, on my mind. Finally I decided…

“Alright, I’ll do this… and I’ll take this forward and be with them as long as I can…”

That marked the beginning of my role as an unofficial, yet, official ‘placement coordinator’…


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  1. Rose says:

    good amal………… unofficial placement co ordinator………….one more interesting matter i found wa abt that chicken piece…………..recession hit KFC also ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…………….

    • Amal says:

      truly… it has… the chicken pieces have become small 😦 😦 and as usual, u honoured the blog by sending the first comment 🙂 thank u… 🙂

  2. anit says:

    very wonderful….just felt like reading a bestseller. maybe its bcos…i know the life u are writitng…or maybe u have that in you…u have THAT IN YOU

  3. sanket says:

    Hey, I am from batch 15. Delix pointed me to this blog and I have read all the parts in a single sitting. You write really well!

    Waiting for the next part 🙂

  4. Renita says:

    hey im renita frm 15th batch 2…loved readin ur blog..cant wait 4 nxt chap…lotsa my frnds r really scared cos dey did badly in deir unit tests but aftr readin hw u coped… im sure deir worries wil b washd away!!
    keep writin

  5. Rose says:

    news fans from batch 15 also……….. thats good amal…………………

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