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“The ‘subject’ sprang to life 15 hours back. But he is still in that unconscious state, doctor”

“I am aware of that” a hard voice barked. “Now tell me, when are we giving the final dose?”

“In another 15 – 20 minutes, sir”

“Great! After that…” he paused… There was a sign of greed in that man’s voice.

“Do update me with the status regularly, Dr. Green” he pressed.

With that the hard voiced doctor disappeared. Dr. Green looked at Kevin Smoke and then at the monitor. He typed some commands on the system and waited for its response.

A few minutes later…

“Load ‘Black Mamba’” Doctor Green called out…

“‘Black Mamba’ loaded… System ready for the task” The terminal responded.

“Inject ‘Black Mamba’”

The terminal sprang to life in a moment. As he watched, the readometers in the dashboard danced… 

Minutes passed by… The doctor strolled across the room impatiently… He wondered what the results would be!

“Mission accomplished. Subject’s condition stable” The terminal declared after what it seemed like eternity!

Green took a deep breath… It’s over!!!

He parked himself on the couch and laid his head back… After a while, he took his eyeglasses off and kept it lazily on his lap…

It’s a great achievement. It would change my life forever… he thought. A wave of joy and fulfillment washed him…

Slowly he removed the gloves and checked the time… It had been a long day!!!

He hadn’t slept for 32 hours and was completely exhausted by then.

Now it would take at least 14 – 15 hours for the ‘subject’ to regain consciousness… he thought. That’s enough for me! I could go to my chamber and get some sleep.

He turned off the main lights and walked towards the door.

“Operation ‘Black Mamba’ success… Subject’s condition stable, Dr. Moxon” He sent the message to the hard voiced doctor as he walked out of the room.

He had already started dreaming about his days of glory…


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  1. sumi says:

    hey this is nice… ya it seems a mystry.. black mamba???? iam waiting for more dose ,,heheh…

  2. Neethu says:

    You are a real idiot, u know that?!?!? hehe how can you make us all wait like this. suspense thriller chapter by chapter? i think its the 1st time i am reading a thriller like this. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    where is the 2nd part? i am so confused with all your posts that i cannot find the next chapter. plz upload the connecting link. I really want to know wat id black mamba

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