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Where the hell am I?

Kevin looked around as he woke up. He wondered whether it was a hospital. But as he looked, he noticed that the room was well furnished like a plush hotel. Everything there had a royal touch!

Yet, there was something strange about that room! It was all painted in white – walls, furniture, doors, bed, shelves and all…

At the back of his head, there was a giant machine of some sort. He studied that for a minute, but couldn’t make heads or tails out of it! Kevin had seen many modern and top class hospitals across the globe… But never had seen such a machine, anywhere, before…

Suddenly the memories of the blast and thick grey smoke flashed through his mind. He shuddered at the thoughts of that huge black man.

Have I seen that big dark man before? He ransacked his memories… but!

No! I don’t think so… Yet something inside him told him that he had seen him before!

Kevin recollected the last thing he had seen… a bullet… it had pierced his forehead and after that there was a sharp pain…

Holy devils! I survived that head shot! I can’t believe that…I must be in some eternal world!

He felt a sudden urge to feel ‘the wound’ on his forehead… As he tried to raise his hand, he realized that something was trying to pull him down… Frantically, Kevin looked down. Many tubes were planted on his arms… Soon he realized that it was not only in his arms, but everywhere.

His eyes searched for the origin of those tubes… It ran down to the bottom of the bed!

As he looked down he let out a muted scream, out of shock! Those tubes ran into different bottles of varying length and size.

Kevin then scanned the bottles carefully… Those were loaded with some kind of colorful liquids!

What are they doing with me!!! Am I being captured?… Where am I?…  How long did I sleep?

Several mysterious questions ripened inside his mind. But he couldn’t find answer to any of those!

Kevin even considered the idea of plucking those tubes away and escaping from there. But he dropped it when he located a pair of ‘alien eyes’ on the wall. They were staring right at him. Is it some sort of surveillance camera? He wondered…

Just then, he heard some foot steps outside. It was closing in! He shut his eyes and pretended sleeping… Two nurses walked in.


“He is fine. In a stable condition” A female voice said in a low voice, after checking the reports generated by that giant machine.

“How long would it take before he gains consciousness?”

“Well, Dr. Green mentioned that he would not wake up until the clock ticks 7 or 8 a.m. So 3 more hours, I guess…”

“Oh!” She nodded pensively. “Anyway, who is this guy, Lyn?”

“Ha, you seriously think I know that?” She heaved a sigh. “Everything is supposed to be secret in this damn world…” She paused.

“Sila, for me, he is just a ‘Subject’. That’s it!” Lyn then checked the fluids in the bottles kept below the bed.

“You are right Lyn… Even I am tired of this ‘freakin’ world.” Sila paused abruptly as she caught a ‘surprise’ look on Lyn’s face…

“Hey, don’t give me that look… I know I joined only last month. Still… everything seems so strange and bizarre here. Sometimes it scares the hell out of me! I wish I could break free from this…”

Lyn didn’t allow Sila to complete that. She raised her palm towards Sila’s lips, indicating her to stop that conversation…

“Don’t… They have sensors of all kind everywhere. They might be monitoring us!” She whispered.

“Do you think that those two jerks sitting there would be monitoring the video and sound output? Those are the two laziest bums I have ever seen in my life. And I can bet on this Lyn… they might either be smoking outside or sleeping inside the ‘control room’… and ‘if’ they are not doing any of these, then take my word, Lyn… they are watching porn!”  

“Have you been spying on them, Sila?” Lyn gave her a naughty look.

“Well, you can call it a ‘time pass’… At times I get bored here, especially when it’s night time. Only these kinds of adventures keep me going…”

Lyn smiled at her. She then fixed her eyes on the ‘subject’ and then on the giant machine… Everything is fine. She mused…

“Alright, let’s leave now. I need to submit the reports to Dr. Green.”

“Fine. But where is he now?”

“He said he would sleep for a ‘couple of hours’. But when I went to his room, I saw him snorting like a bull. I don’t think he would get up now!” Lyn chuckled.

“Poor guy… hasn’t slept for two nights…” She heaved a sigh. “Anyway, let’s leave our ‘subject’ to sleep in peace…”


But ‘the subject’ had no plans to sleep. He had something else in his mind!

4 a.m. The timepiece in the giant machine displayed.

Smoke removed the tubes attached to his body, one by one…


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  1. Rose says:

    good one………. suspense…………….. i like this kind of stuff………whatever u wrote had an international touch

  2. sumi says:

    its fantastic… but i cant wait for one week to read another dose.. thts not fine…

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