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Sila was right. The two guys at the monitoring desk were fast asleep. But there weren’t any computers or monitors on their desk!

How the hell are they monitoring without any computer or laptops? Kevin wondered… Who cares!

Kevin walked straight without waking those guys up, but stopped dead when he saw the huge front door from a distance. He wondered whether there would be security guys standing over there.  

The front doors wouldn’t be safe. There will be security guards for sure. I have to find the back door… He finally said to himself! Soon he was running to the opposite side… aimlessly.

Suddenly an old man appeared from nowhere in front of him. He tried to pull himself to a halt to avoid a head on collision. But it was too late! Kevin couldn’t do anything. It was so close to him… he closed his eyes.

But nothing happened… he was not hurt… He didn’t feel the collision either!

Where is it? He wheeled in confusion… and was shocked to see that behind him! It continued moving ahead, as if nothing had happened…

What the hell! Kevin realized that it had passed through him but had not felt that… Is it some kind of light? Or is it just an illusion?

Kevin felt that he would go mad unless someone explained him what was going around…. But it wasn’t the right time to find the answers to his queries. He needed to get back to his place… Kevin sped through that corridor…

Few minutes later he located what he was searching for. He pulled himself to a halt and walked slowly towards that signboard.

Take left and decent through the steps to reach the Vehicle parking zone…  He kept repeating it to himself…


“Excuse me, Doc, are you not taking your vehicle?” A young man shouted from behind…

Doctor!!! Oh… yes. A sudden wave of joy passed through Kevin…

“Well, I would walk…” Kevin replied

“Walk!!! It’s damn cold outside and you are not even wearing any sweater, doctor!” He expressed his concern…

“You see, I am quite used with this climate. Moreover, I must rush now. Good day” Kevin was eager to get out of that place.

How rude! The guy thought. Is this the way the doctors over here treat their well wishers!!! Whatever… The young chap shrugged.

“Well sir, if you are leaving then I might ask you to ‘sign off’”

“Sign off!!!” Kevin’s jaws dropped. He didn’t understand what that security person meant by ‘sign off’

Seeing Kevin’s expression, the security person suddenly sensed that he had done something wrong. He worried whether he had offended him by ‘demanding’ that!

After all, he had started working for that hospital only since last week and was not completely aware of the rules and regulations. He was instructed to ensure that every employee signed off before they left the building.

The senior security person had warned him to be extremely polite with the doctors and nurses there. He had also told him that they worked under tremendous pressure and were dangerously short tempered!

Most of the times the doctors here work continuously for weeks… without even taking break!!! So be very polite to them and treat them like kids. These people are notorious for their foul temper! He recollected what his senior manager had told him when he joined there.    

May be this guy was one among those. Besides, he had mentioned that he was going for a walk… may be he wanted to get some fresh air or some exercise… He thought. Besides, he had not seen that ‘doctor’ till that day.

He could have been working here continuously since last week! One poor nut case!!! How can these people stay away from family for this long? The security guy wondered.

When the senior security person mentioned that the doctors there worked continuously for weeks, he thought that he was exaggerating things… But just now he had seen one… A living example!

Very weird! He pitied to himself…

“I am sorry sir… Well, I didn’t mean to offend you… but…” He found it hard to express himself. He feared that the ‘nutcase’ doctor would shout at him or even abuse him…

“Sir, you may carry on and…” he paused. “well, walking is a good exercise…” he finished somehow…

He wanted to ask him when he was signing off… but he couldn’t muster enough courage to do so…

Kevin looked at him awestruck. Everything there seemed enigmatic to him right from the moment he gained consciousness. The place, the equipments, the building, the hallway, and everything… everything there seemed bizarre… and now, even the only man to whom he talked proved to be a lunatic.

No doubt, this guy has gone nuts… He thinks I am going to jog in this freaking climate!

He looked at that guy sharply and shrugged “Whatever!!!”

As he looked, Kevin disappeared into the darkness… He let out a deep sigh of relief…


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  1. sumi says:

    so kevin is leaving without knowing wht is going on????????? okie waiting for the next….

  2. Rose says:

    atlast kevin came out of that unusual place……. how come u got such an idea, mystery place……

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