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Thirty minutes later Kevin was standing at cross roads… It occurred to him that he was passing through a forest! It was still dark out there.

It must be around six’o clock now, I guess. He took a deep breath and continued walking straight, ignoring the other paths…


Dr. Green walked lazily to the coffee machine studying the report which Lyn had left on his table while he was sleeping…

“Subject’s condition stable” He pondered over what was written in the report….

After all he is my subject… I can never go wrong…

Green wondered what he was supposed to do once the subject woke up. Dr. Moxon was master minding all the episodes till now. But the whole credit of the project belonged to Green. It was he who designed the whole thing and programmed the ‘Operation Black Mamba’…

  “Dr. Moxon?”

“Yes, Green. Tell me the good news. Is he awake?” Dr. Moxon’s was anxious when he picked up Green’s call.

“Not yet, sir. But I am sure, it will happen in couple of hours from now.”

“Great! I’ll be there before 8 a.m.… Will talk to you then”

“Professor!” he called out suddenly… “Well…” he was hesitant…

Moxon soon understood what he wanted to ask, without even being said. After all, Green was Moxon’s favourite student back in the university…

Green was a very ambitious and greedy guy… Moxon knew that well. He had chosen him for this project because of that same reason!

“Don’t worry. As I said, once we let the world know about the success of this project, you would become an icon of the century… Your remuneration would be far more that what you could even imagine… Go to the subject Green. I’ll meet you soon.”

Green took one more cup of coffee and sipped it… That’s all I want… I’ll be famous soon…

 He walked steadily to his room. He has to make the complete report before 8 a.m. Dr. Moxon was a person who always insisted on complete records. He knew that well…

Besides, Green had never fallen back in Moxon’s evaluation… He opened the doors and let himself inside the room. It was all white inside…


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