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Kevin was flabbergasted by the look of that city… He had never seen such a wonderful place anywhere else in the planet! Each and everything in there was different… At first, it appeared like some fantasy world to him!

He studied the surroundings carefully… but froze on his steps when he suddenly noticed that the roads there were perfectly smooth and frictionless! Besides, the vehicles which passed by that road had no tyres!!! It appeared as if they were floating on the roads…

Kevin stood there, awestruck, like a small kid who saw Disney land for the first time…

But even after being there for a ‘considerably’ long time, he didn’t see a bike or a car or a bus or anything of that sort. All the vehicles that passed through that place appeared like some big fancy toys to him…

Suddenly he noticed that the footpath, on which he was standing, was moving. It was taking him forward and he had not realized it till then!

There were 2 foot tracks in there. One was moving in one direction and other, in the opposite direction.  The third track, however, was still. Must be for those who prefer not to use this ‘thing’ he thought.

Kevin moved along with that… enjoying the alien city!

He had never heard or even read about such a city anywhere, even after being the most powerful president of the world! It was hard for him to believe that such a city existed on earth…

At some point he even wondered whether he was dead!  

Am I in some eternal world? But this couldn’t be a heaven or hell? One part of his brain said to him…

How do you know for sure Kevin? Have you been in heaven or hell before! The other part murmured.

He had hard time controlling those bizarre thoughts…

But a sudden sound pulled him back from those thoughts… He looked around… It came from big screen that was placed on the other side of the road… It was displaying an advertisement… About a diet breakfast item…

But the screen vanished as the advertisement was over! Kevin wheeled in confusion… But he knew that the screen was gone.

He was getting used to that world… He realized that there was something mysterious about the place. And he accepted the fact, to himself, that he knew nothing about that city despite being the most powerful person in the universe…

But he was learning… gradually.

There should be something magical about this place… Whatever it is, I would find that out soon. He was determined.

As he moved forward, he realized that all the buildings around him were tall and big… There wasn’t even a single small building! Besides, those buildings were closely packed to each other… He wondered whether all the people there were living in flats!

May be, they just ran out of place for each and every one!!! He thought.

As the moving ‘foot track’ took him forward, he became conscious about something strange… He had not seen even a single human being there on that foot track yet…


Kevin, again, reminded himself of the real reason why he was standing there… He had to find the way back to home… to the White House… And all what he wanted then was to find a telephone booth.

But it seemed that there was not even a single one anywhere! Besides, he had not seen even a single human being there.

Alright then! Let me find some shop and use their phone…


Warton Groceries…  Kevin read the name of the grocery shop.

All he needed was to call his agents or associates… He knew that they would take care of the rest.

They will track the phone and be here in minutes… He smiled… for the first time, after that accident…


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  1. sumi says:

    where is this story is going?? ok.. still again waiting……

  2. Rose says:

    da what kind of a place u imagined, where kevin got trapped…………….. strange place………….


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