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Warton Groceries was a small grocery shop. As he entered, he saw an old man standing in the counter. He seemed to be the one who was managing the shop.

He was searching for something on his desk…

At that moment an old woman walked to the counter with a basket in her hand. She was the only customer there then.

“Done with the shopping, Ms. Booth?” the old man in the counter enquired as she placed the basket on his desk.

“Well, enough for the week Vincent. Can you make it fast? I have to be at church before 9 a.m.”

“No problem Ms. Booth. Just a couple of minutes”

He took the items one by one and scanned it against a small box which looked like an audio cassette cover. As he finished doing that a small machine near the counter sprang to life. He pulled out a small slip from that and handed it over to the old lady.

“Here is your bill Ms. Booth.”

She collected that and glanced through.

“Now please pass me your CCN” Vincent requested.


“Alright” he said as he entered those digits into his cassette looking instrument. “Now Ms. Booth, please authorize the payment”

As Kevin looked she raised her forearm and pressed her index finger against it. Suddenly a small red screen emerged from nowhere in front of her. She pressed some digits and waved her hands. That’s it!! The screen is gone!!!

Kevin stood dumbfounded!

“Thank you Ms. Booth and have a lovely Sunday.”

“You too Vincent. Good day” With that she walked out of the store.

Kevin stared at the ‘cassette like thing’ in the grocery shop owner’s hand.

“You looking for something, son?” Vincent now turned to Kevin and inquired.

That question broke Kevin from his thoughts… He smiled and walked close to the grocery owner.

“Good morning. Well, I was wondering why the whole place seems so deserted. I didn’t see anyone in the street.”

The old man shot back a sharp look at Kevin. “You are not from this place, eh?”

Kevin just nodded. Ya, I don’t belong to this crazy world… no way! He said to himself…

“Well, that explains. Today is St. Rockon’s day. Everyone would be in the church.”

St. Rockon! Who the hell is that? Kevin wondered. But he didn’t feel like asking him…

“Then why aren’t you in church?”

“See kid. I know that he was a great man… but I don’t believe in all these stuff. Besides, I have my business to attend to.”

“And who exactly, did you say, is this St. Rockon?” Kevin finally asked him.

“You are a doctor. Aren’t you? These days schools teach nothing but shit! What a pity” the old man spat on the floor angrily. “I can’t imagine a educated person like you asking such a stupid question.”

Kevin suddenly felt the mistake he made. “You see, I am from a far away land. I am from Bangalore, India. May be that’s why I haven’t heard about him”

“I am sorry. What bank you said?”

“No! It’s not bank. It’s Bangalore.”

The old man frowned. “Look kid, I have no idea what place you are talking about. Besides, I don’t have time for all these. What do you want to buy from here?”

Kevin didn’t feel like talking to him anymore. Let’s get straight to the business then…

“You have a land phone or mobile phone here?”

“What! What phone?”

“Mobile or Land phone…”

“What are those? I have never heard anything of that sort?”

Is he playing fool on me! He is using all modern stuff here for scanning and billing and he doesn’t know what a mobile phone is?

“Look Vincent, I don’t have time to play around with you. Besides, I am the president of United States and you better understand that.”

The old man was baffled. He never thought of meeting a lunatic so early on a weekend! At first, this dumbo said something about some bank and now says he is the president of some states! He must be a prank… Its better I get rid of him immediately.

 The grocery owner went under his counter. When he emerged again there was a small gun like thing on his hand.

“Get out from here, you dirty imp” he barked pointing his weapon towards Kevin. “Else I will have you electrified!”

Electrified!!! Kevin wondered. But he knew that the old man had something dangerous in his hand.

“Relax… take it easy, man… I am leaving… Its fine” He held his hand upward and moved towards the door. The old man was still pointing his weapon on him. As he walked out he checked the time on big wall clock.

8 a.m.  he read… Kevin slowly walked out.


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Dr. Moxon knotted his tie up and combed his hair. He looked at his reflection on the mirror… His eyes were puffy and tired. The wrinkles on his face were visible…

He kept the comb on the table and walked towards the kitchen. The maid handed over a glass of orange juice…

Dr. Moxon was in his early sixties… but was a mountain of a man – tall and strong.

He was not keen in the project at the beginning. He had enjoyed teaching ‘Advanced Medical Science’ at Norwin School of Medical Science, the world famous Medical school. In fact, a dream school for anyone in the planet who dreamed of pursuing a career in Medical Science.

Besides, he was a famed professor in the field of Advanced MS and his works were worshipped by millions… He was enjoying his ‘blessed life’. That was the time when the vice president approached him with a project called ‘Laser Tears’… Since it came from the top authority, he couldn’t refuse it.

Soon he formed a team and started working on the project… The pressure from vise president was enormous… Moxon never liked or appreciated anyone poking into his business… yet! That was 15 years ago…

Operation ‘Laser Tears’ was a complete failure. Moxon had tried his level best… yet he couldn’t take it anywhere. Eight years later the Vice president briefed him again on the necessity of the successful completion of the project… Moxon, employed few more members and worked harder towards the goal…

But things took a toll five years ago when Dr. Moxon’s ‘personal’ world changed all of a sudden…

The vice president was completely furious with Moxon by then. He called him to his office one day and there was a row of arguments over the project and Moxon’s ability to handle that project.

Even Dr. Moxon was very upset by then – he had spent ten long years on a project and yet there was no luck! Besides, he was no longer enjoying his teaching life… His personal life was all chaos… He never had time for anything but for that damn project… Yet he knew nothing about the ‘real’ project. He was kept in dark…

He found himself shouting at the Vice president on that day. He let away his feelings… He was angry that he was never told the actual purpose of the project before.

That was too much for the vice president. He felt that Moxon had crossed his limits. He never thought that he would let away the true secrets behind the Operation ‘Laser Tears’ to a common man like Dr. Moxon… But in that frail moment he opened up like a volcano…

When the doctor heard about the real motive behind the project, he decided to quit. He sent an official resignation letter to Vice President. He even dismissed the members in that project…

Technically, the project was declared ‘terminated’…

But everything changed in two days… That event that changed Dr. Moxon’s life forever… From that day onwards he had lived to take revenge… revenge on her!!! But the only way to get to them was through ‘Laser Tears’… He knew that…

The next day, he called up president and informed him of his will to continue the project… But what he said still rang in his ears…

“You are a pain in my ass. I was a fool to get charmed by your degrees and recognitions. I thought you were a genius. But, you are nothing… but a prank who makes a living just by fooling people around. Now just disappear… I’ll have it done by a real genius…”

Dr. Moxon crushed the glass in his hand… There was a loud crackling noise. The maid came running to him to nurse him. But he waved her away… He looked at the fresh blood oozing out of his palm…

Four and half years had passed… The vice president had become the president now…

The human side in Dr. Moxon was dead long time ago. The only thing that he thought about was revenge… and nothing else….

He didn’t want to revenge him, but her… the one who betrayed him! And then he wanted to pay the then vice president back for the humiliation he suffered on that day. He knew that nothing would stop him from that…

This is my day… I’ll soon have my vengeance…

Now he was at the brink of success… All he needed was to wait for few more days…

After that I’ll tear him and her apart…

He washed his hands with ice and walked to the door checking time in his wrist watch… It was 7.30 a.m.

Just when he stepped out, he received a message…

It was from Dr. Green!!!


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