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It is said that everything that has a beginning has an end…

The past is dead and gone. My life at XIME is a history now. But it did hand over a key to me… a key to the door of another world.

When I opened it, I saw nothing but a deep and dark forest with no sign boards or trails to follow. I looked back, nervously… No, there was no turning back! The road that had taken me there had long gone and disappeared.

I stood petrified in that virgin forest. A thin breeze of fear and anxiety washed over me! What should I do? Where should I begin? Whom should I seek assistance? The anxiety and fear in me then turned into anger blended with hopelessness!

I shouted desperately at the woods and stamped hard on the ground… But there was no answer.

No! Miracles won’t happen. I gnashed my teeth. I have to walk this alone. I have to find the way myself… but!

The fear in me again seized control over me!  

…but where would this lead me to? Would I find my way out?

While I stood there battling these thoughts, the environment changed without any warning! A cold breeze passed by waking me up from my anxieties…  

Only time could tell you that… You just believe in yourself and walk without fear… The woods whispered… for the only time!

I wasn’t sure whether it was the woods or just a feeling. But it did inject a fresh life into me. I looked at the woods confidently. Yes, this is my life and this is my journey. I have to walk this, myself.

Determinedly I set my foot ahead… I didn’t know what time had in its store for me. I didn’t know where it led to. But I knew this much:

If I find my way out, I’ll become a legend one day; else I’ll die like a common man…


My journey in quest of glory begins here….





A debt of gratitude to:

My sister – for the encouragement and support she bestowed upon me…

My parents & brother – for everything…

All my friends – for motivating and believing in me…

XIME faculties – Prof. Suresh Chandra, Dr. Easaw, Ms. Samuel, Prof. RTR, Ms. Rose Mary, Ms. Mathew, Ms. Austin…

Ms. Monroe –  for the wisdom and words of advice she shared…

& finally

To all my wonderful readers – who made this blog a happening place… Thanks a lot for the ineffable support and encouragement you showered upon me, visibly or invisibly…  My humble reverence to you…

& &…

A silent thank you to The Almighty – for having blessed me with the skills to express myself…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Amal , perfect ending………even during those time i also used to wonder, how u will end the episode of XIME……………..But this was really good……….. perfect………….what u mentioned is true………..


  2. suresh chandra says:

    Dear Amal,
    Going thro adversities and disappointments will give strength .I hope the doors open soon for you and show a path to leave your own mark.Well written
    Suresh Chandra

  3. Anonymous says:

    i dnt knw what to say about this ending.. u brought tears in my eyes… it shows the success of the writer… great amal…. dnt be scared u will be the legend….
    – Sumi

  4. anit says:

    wow great ending man…

  5. Aparna says:

    Hey Amal,
    I came across this last evening and it was unputdownable…I spent almost the entire day @ work reading this…
    Thanks a lot for this brilliant piece, it rekindled some beautiful memories of life @ XIME.. .
    Cheers !

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