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Some believed they had never seen a batch as fantastic as the 13th one, while others carped that they had never seen any worse. People shared different opinions! But, if you ask him about his personal opinion, he would say that the 13th batch was neither better nor worse than any other batches before or after it. If anyone had a different opinion, it was just because they had either under or over rated the other batches…

But the 13th batch was special and unique in a way, because of the tragedies it bore… Like all other batches, it started off with high flying dreams and energy. It had everything a batch wanted: talent, achievements, passion, glamour, romance, adventure, good times, bad times… everything. But at the end, it went down… silently… just like the legendary ship ‘Titanic’.

Some managed to find a place in the rescue boat, but others? They simply drowned; with all their dreams and hopes clutched close to their heart. The dawn was dark and cold then… and the evil fate stood tall at a distance, wearing a callous sneer on its face!

The old giants on the shore with big name tags could do nothing to help them, but just watch them drown. But yes, they had heard the whimpers and screams of the victims; they had seen the look of helplessness in their tiny eyes; and they had sensed that they were too young and inexperienced to face the brutal fate alone.  Yet, they stood like stone sculptures; close to the evil fate!

As time went by, everything became history…

The world might forget it. The ‘giants’ might try to bury it deep inside their hearts. But… but will the victims ever be able to forgive or forget it? He doubted.


Even though he started hesitantly, he did a ‘decent’ job as a placement coordinator. It wasn’t an easy task for him as he was steering the reins against the raging storm! Many promises and words of inspiration gushed into that chaotic world… even from the ‘giants’. But all those promises remained empty forever!

He tried; yet couldn’t steer the ship to the shore. But he stood tall, till the last moment… like a lighted candle spreading a radiance of hope.


One evening as he locked the placement room and turned to walk, he saw Prof. EG standing with Pakru and Kadavanthara in the corridor. It was evident from their faces that they were discussing something serious. As he walked towards them, the professor looked at him.

“Amal, its time… It’s official now! June 10th

He didn’t say anything. He knew that it was coming. He looked at his friends. Silence reigned…

On June 9th Pakru, Kadavanthara and he stepped down the XIME stairs with their baggage. An unusual stillness bloated the atmosphere that time. The tranquility she wore then was quite contradicting to her true nature…

Strange! He smirked. After all, he had never felt that he was staying in the XIME hostel those days. It was like an abandoned kingdom, once gloried with happiness, life and hope!!!  

As he walked through the corridor on that day, several thoughts flashed through his mind: the selection process, the ‘unexpected XIME phone call’, the day he had come with his father to pay the fees, the first week at college, the hostel ragging, friends, classes, CGPA, the tour, the party nights, the last few days… Everything then flashed through his mind like a dream!

Yes, life is a climb… There will always be stumbling blocks or dead ends to face, to overcome, to conquer. There will always be some mysteries to solve. There will always be uncertainties to deal with!!

But… but when will this stop? Won’t my life be free of uncertainties? His young mind raced for answers…

The XIME garden and the lovely flowers in it stood there in stunned silence… He was their favourite and customary photographer who had never failed to capture their beauty when they were ready…

The XIME gate opened with a frail, creaking voice…

No, uncertainties will never spare you; but that’s the beauty of the life… A mysterious smile blossomed on his lips.

As the gate silently closed behind him, he turned and spared one last look at the building… ‘Farewell XIME


(I chose a 3rd person’s view for writing here as I felt it was apt here…) 


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