Your li’l angel; & their, you know what!

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Social Deviants
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Some say attack is the best defense. Some say seek and destroy the devil before it knocks your door and kills all the souls in there.

Anya’s heartbeat skipped several beats as she first walked in to the auditorium of the prestigious Women’s college in Trivandrum. It was her first day in that college and a sense of mixed feelings washed her. She was excited, thrilled, confused and scared, all at the same time! But she tried to keep herself calm and composed.

A few weeks later, she realized that she had become a part of the college. She no longer had those fear or confusions. She was enjoying every moment of her new life.

Jay’s mobile buzzed. “to our room” the voice on the other side said!

Jay ignited his RX 100.

As he walked into the room he saw his four friends sitting on the floor. They were drinking their favorite whiskey. Though they were his friends, Jay preferred calling them partners in crime!

Raj, the leader of the gang, cleared his throat after taking a puff from Arun’s cigarette.

“So we’ll start our mission from tomorrow. It’s been two months since colleges have started and now most of the girls have started enjoying their life. The only thing they miss in their life now is boys.” He paused.

“And we will take care of it for the rest of their life.” A devilish sneer appeared on his face.

“Now you both take the Women’s college route and the rest, the All Saint’s college”

All Saint’s and Women’s college are both girls-only college in Trivandrum. For the same reason, the students over there are usually bit bold, smart and outgoing. And the vultures outside, know exactly where to launch their grenades to pin them down.

Women’s is located at the heart of the city. The cafes and restaurants mushroomed near this college are often a joint or a happening place for the students here.

All Saint’s is situated close to Sanghumugham beach and Veli Lake. It’s proximity to violence prone areas are very close. It’s not difficult for anyone to predict the mentality and attitude of teens and youth in this area! They care for nothing, and value, practically, no living or dead.

Anya had been noticing that guy for almost two weeks! She wondered how he caught the same bus as she did all the time. Strangely, for her, whenever she looked at him, he was looking at her too!

Something in her told her to ignore him and she did it, for couple of days. Though she didn’t look at him, she knew that he was there in the bus.

But the next day, without her permission, her eyes located him. He simply stared back at her. It was on a Wednesday.

On Thursday, her eyes again searched for him in the bus. But that time she couldn’t find him. It repeated on Friday too. She felt uncomfortable; though she didn’t know why!

For the first time in her life she cursed Saturday and Sunday.

“What’s your status Arun?”

“Two are on the way; may be a month at the most before you have them. That shy and stunning one is going well. Bit difficult, but managed. We are talking almost all night!” He paused. “And that rich chick; she is already under my spell. She bunks classes and takes me to the Veli Lake all the time. In her black car” He sounded as if she was a very easy target. As a matter of fact Arun hated easy targets or hoes, in his language!

“All the time? That sounds like we are soon gonna have her!” Raj seemed to be pleased with Arun’s progress. “And did you start making love with her in the car?”

“Kinda. I am teaching her things one by one. And by the look and feel, she should become one hell of a slut one day” he laughed as he sipped Bacardi. Others cheered.

Raj checked others status as well. He was pleased. “And you, Jay”

Jay had never disappointed Raj. Arun and Jay were the experts in hunting down the prettiest of all.

“What happened to you, mole?” Anya’s dad was concerned as he spotted her stared blankly at her dinner. He had noticed that she was skipping meals since the last two days. “Is it the exam time?”

She nodded without looking at him.

“Okay, don’t worry, I’ll get you a good tuition teacher soon. Now my baby girl, have some food”

Anya had to catch a crowded bus on Monday. She bought the ticket and moved to a place where she could stand comfortably among that crowd. She slowly turned sideways to see whether that guy was there. Her heart, again, sensed a sharp pain. She took a deep breath.

“Can I stand beside you?” Anya turned back. It was him!!! She didn’t know how or what she felt that time. All she wanted to say was a big yes. But, all she could do was smile.

“My name is Sreejith”

After a week Anya found that she was lying to her father to take more money from him. But she felt it was okay. Two weeks later she realized that her attendance was dropping. But she was not in a situation to care about that.

A month later, she feared that she would die without Sreejith!

Anya climbed behind Sreejith’s bike and hugged him tight from behind.

“Where to?”

“Where ever you like. I just want to be with you”

The bike stopped near a building with looked bit isolated. But she didn’t care about it.

“Come with me”

“Where are you taking me?” She laughed as he pulled her along with him as they climbed the stairs.

He opened a room and pushed her in. “This is our paradise!”

She looked around. “Is this where you stay?”

Sreejith nodded. He looked straight into her eyes and ten minutes later Anya found herself madly cuddled to Sreejith.

“Sree, I need to go! I can’t stay here for more.” Though she was enjoying what she was doing, she felt that there was something wrong. She thought about her family, her sister, and her future. A feeling of fear washed her. Slowly, she stood up.

The next thing she realized was that she was pinned to bed. He was so playful that she couldn’t resist him even amidst her fear. She wasn’t sure whether she was enjoying what he was doing… Slowly, his fingers made its way breaching all her resistance. He kissed and bit her passionately.

She was never confused in life like this, before. She couldn’t make up her mind. She was helpless. She was weak and she was lost.

She became more and more uncomfortable. She tried to throw him away from her but, was too late.

Two hours later Anya found herself weeping on his bed. He was still doing something on her. She was too numb to sense that!

After a couple of hours he dropped her back. She closed her room and switched off the mobile.

She couldn’t go to college for next two days. She lied to her parents again.

Sreejith was waiting for her at the usual place. He ran towards her and begged mercy in front of the whole public! She spotted tears in his eyes! Her heart once again flipped upside down.

Two days later she found herself in the same building. This time, he didn’t force anything. It just happened. Days went by…

Anya was thrilled as she was learning and exploring something she never did before…

One day, as they were making love, the door opened abruptly and 4 guys walked into the room. She frantically pulled the bed sheet over her.

“Jay” Raj addressed. Jay slowly pulled himself back from Anya and walked towards the chair. He lit one cigarette.

Anya was too paralyzed to react. Finally she opened her mouth “Jay?”

“Yes, my friends call me Jay. You call me Sreejith. That’s it” He said coldly.

She died… then, and there.

Nobody gave her any chance to talk or move. Just like the way vultures feast on their prey, those four pounced on Anya. She cried, wept and begged as they devoured her live corpse…

Three years later…

Anya’s phone beeped while she was at work. It was one of her new boyfriends.

Today, she manages 3 boyfriends. She has no clue how many she had or how many she ditched in the last two years.

Her respect for men and life had died three years ago. Today, she plays will all of them. She plays all dirty tricks on all men. She never cared whether the guy was good or not; for her, all men were the same! Vultures…

Sometimes Raj’s gang calls her and threatens her to go to their place. She knows that she has to go; else, they will make her a homemade porn star! Sometimes all 5 would be there to gorge her. Sometimes just one or two… But she never cared. It was just another routine task for her.

Gone were the days of her asking money from her father! Today, she never stops to beg or ask. Money seeks her!

Anya is a fictitious character. And so are Raj, Jay and Arun… But there are millions of Anyas, Rajs, Jays and Aruns living among us in this world, contaminating and devastating the lives around.

We live in a world which is already sick and tired of a game called ‘blame game’. So if you know whom to blame here, kindly keep it with yourself. But if you know how to help these people and save the rest of the innocent lives, Act Now! This world doesn’t need a super-man or a spider-man or anything of that sort, but a few real life heroes who can make a difference and make this world a better place to live in.

Every crime, every accident, every disaster is fine and tolerable as long as it is happening to someone else and as long as you are reading or hearing about it from others or media. But it will not be the same if one day that happens to you or to your blood or heart!

“Learn from other’s mistakes too. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourselves.” – Chanakya.


This is a work of fiction. Names, Characters, Institutions, Places and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

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    Good one, excited to see someone with the guts to speak up

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    gud one amal


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