The Pawns – You & Me!

Posted: April 28, 2012 in My thoughts

Till few years back…

People used to respect all inventions. They wondered how Einstein or Edison did it… and they carried a secret ambition of becoming one like them, someday!

The world respected library and knowledge. Folks knew that they had to listen carefully to know more about things they wanted to know. They knew that knowledge was not a thing that came freely or readily available. It was a privilege of only a few; of those who sought it…

Mutual attractions between sexes were common. They were ready to go any extend to gain their love or satisfy their appetite for physical pleasure. But those were a part of life for them… They had a much bigger problem in life: living!


Everything changed in matter of what? Internet and Mobile Technology boomed rashly as if mocking at the life that existed till yesterday. The respect for knowledge and inventions faded somewhere in that brutal journey.

Today, people no longer have to walk to library or listen to professor to gain knowledge… Internet has it all. You just name it!

Today, no one carries any secret ambition that makes him burn his mid night oil. Everyone wants everything fast and no one has the patience to wait for anything…

Mutual attraction is still common. The only difference is that today it’s all about numbers and nothing else… It’s about how many one had!

The world yesterday was not happy or peaceful the way they wanted. But it, definitely, was better than today’s world of luxurious drama. People talk about dreams and aspirations everywhere. But do they really have one? Isn’t everyone’s destiny, in some way or other, attached to money? Isn’t money the sole measuring rod of success in most cases?

Why speak more? How many of you who read this work for something you really cherish deep in heart? Aren’t most of us working for others dream or greed? And why get upset when i call you a Pawn!!!

You don’t even know who the real king or queen is! All you are concerned about are the little black and white blocks ahead of you… Hoping that you would cancel your opponents at some point and change track! And ultimately dreaming about a day when you finally reach the other side of the board to redeem a fortune!


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