Posted: August 2, 2012 in My thoughts
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Wednesday, August 08,2012

I don’t trust tomorrow… She is the strangest girlfriend i suffer everyday!

Monday, August 06,2012

They didnt create media to make people aware of whats happening around; but to function as a medium that can inject, into them, what they want them to know…

Thursday, August 02,2012

The moment you forget the fact that you are alone, the trouble surfaces. All your friends, relatives, love, everything, all of a sudden would seem like fortifying your world. Slowly, you slip into a mesmerizing world of illusion.

The realization, then, would strike you only when the real trouble seeks you. That day you will discover the painful fact, yourself, that everything you thought you had till that day were nothing more than a mirage.

This journey is a lonely quest. You even have to leave what you truly own while departing…


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