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Lost in my dream Island…

Posted: October 11, 2010 in Short stories
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The blue sky smiled gorgeously as I opened my eyes. The leaves of those tall trees glowed like an aura, making me feel like I was in paradise. It was a beautiful morning view; but was not the ones I was used to!

Where am I? I wondered as I rubbed my eyes and stretched my arms.

Only then I had noticed her. She was lying on my chest; her hairs and lips kissing my skin, her beautiful skin shimmering in that morning light.

I thought of asking her where we were; but something inside me demanded me not to wake that angel up. I tilted my head sideways and watched the surroundings.

White sands spread all over the place making it look like some fantasy world. There was no sound except for the distant resonances of waves.

Is it a beach? No! it can’t be. After all, why should I be in a beach!

My thoughts broke as the trees around us swayed along with the wintry breeze. The air which was smooth till then whispered something softly; a feeling of coldness washed me.

Why am i not wearing any shirt! Baffled, I let my hands and eyes search for it frantically. Soon my hands felt something. I looked at it curiously. It was a fruit.

I took it in my hands and stared at it… Slowly my vision started getting hazy!


The first thing I saw when I woke up was a sea. It was evening time and she looked gorgeous in that greenish blue attire. The horizon seemed like miles away; still he was complimenting to her seductive looks.

As I gazed her, it occurred to me that she was beckoning me. Her spell was already on me by then and it was over powering me in a mysterious way! Without my permission, my legs walked towards her.

When she kissed my skin for the first time, my inside shuddered; the coldness she had contained in herself was unbearable. Still, I kept walking as if in trance. My mind was totally blank; it even occurred to me that everything around me was still. In a little while, my lips tasted something salty. I didn’t think much; but took a complete dip there…

Totally cut off from all the sounds around… Bliss!

I opened my eyes and smiled. A feeling of happiness washed me!

As I emerged back to the surface, I took a quick look at the surroundings. That view just took my breath away. I gulped some air.

An island! What the hell! I exclaimed.

I stood stock-still there, marveling her beauty. But suddenly my eyes caught something strange lying on the shore. I ran towards it. The white sands got crushed under my feet. Some managed to get stuck to my wet naked feet.

A girl!!! I exclaimed as I halted just before her.

I kneeled down and looked at her. Her back was facing the sky. She was wearing a white dress; her long black hairs covering her face. Though I didn’t see her face, I figured out that she was a beauty.

Angel fell to earth! I wondered. I tried to wake her up by calling out something. But there was no response. I bend forward and shook her arms. All of a sudden she moved with a jerk.

That took me off guard and I fell backwards.

As I looked she woke up and sat there as if she was disturbed from a deep sleep. After a few seconds pause, she looked sideways. I adjusted myself to catch a glimpse of her face. Suddenly she looked backwards and her eyes caught mine.

For a moment, I was frozen!

Yes, she was an angel; may be the most beautiful one among them.

“Who are you? Why are you with me?” I heard her voice and saw her lips moving. But I was too paralyzed to respond.

“Hello, I am asking to you, sir” and she waved her hands.

Oh! I said as I woke up from that blackout state. What did you ask me? I looked at her innocently.

She repeated the question. I thought I was answering her. But all that came from my mouth was “Are you an angel?

May be my expression was funny, but she started laughing to it. A smile blossomed on my lips. Slowly it turned into laughter.

Some strange pleasure wave washed my inside again, for the second time that day.

My eyes met hers again. I felt like somebody was pulling strings inside my body; strings which connect my heart and my secrets. Again that frozen state!

How could a girl I met few minutes back do this to me! I wondered.

She smiled again; her face was calm and sweet. I felt as if my life was oozing out of my body…

“Do you know where we are now? Or at least, do you know whether there is anyone here apart from us?” She asked as if she recollected all that happened few hours earlier. I shrugged. She smiled again. “Good!”

“Do you think we can take a walk in here? This island seems to be beautiful”

I would have even jumped off from Himalayas that time if she had asked me to. What she asked was nothing compared to that. I nodded gladly…

She began talking like a child as we strolled along that paradise; about her favourite food, dresses, movies, and even about her childhood. A few minutes later, to my surprise, I discovered that I was too taking to her all silly things. Our chemistry had matched by then. We were laughing and enjoying each and every moment.

“Look, the sands are kissing your feet!” She said with a naughty smile. I gazed at her. A smile bloomed on my face.

“Probably they might be begging you to step off her. You might have been the worst creature that ever had set foot in here” She added quickly. The smile and wonder on my face faded in no time.

I gulped some air and tried to smile… She turned her face towards the distant sun.

Though she tried hard, she couldn’t hide that mischievous smile that blossomed on her lips.

Oh! Ok… I shrugged and smiled.

On one side the sea stretched beautifully seducing anyone who spared a look at her. At other side, was the sexiest island I had ever seen in my life! Tall trees, white sand; cool breeze… everything was seducing. And the one walking close to me was a divine aura; an angel. I was confused which was seducing me the most!

As I was battling those thoughts in my mind, my eyes spotted a small rock cave structure at a distance. Wow!

She followed my gaze and then halted for a while. I looked at her. Her eye brows contracted. A playful smile blossomed on her face and then without any word, she ran towards that cave.

“Let’s see who reaches there first” She called out as she sprinted.

I always hated it when someone challenged me!

Really! Then I must say that you turned the sprinting machine on, my angel” with that I sprinted.

A few seconds later, she stopped before me, panting. I was at the entrance of the cave. “I was just checking your speed. Not bad for a baby like you”

What! My jaws dropped. She smiled and ran her fingers over my hair.

“Your hair style just sucks!” She said in a careless way.

I felt like someone hit me hard with a big hammer.

She stood there and gazed me for a while. Swiftly she walked towards me and scrambled my hair; then took a step back and scanned me from top to bottom.

“Now you look sexy!” She smiled.

I don’t know where the lightning came and hit me from at that moment; but I just stood petrified.

“Hello Mr. Supernova, come on in. Are you planning to spend the rest of the day here standing like a stone baby?” She waved her hand again; that naughty smile lingered on her face.

She walked in first and I followed her. I should have named that day a stunning day. As my eyes caught a view of inside, I was like “Oh-my-freaking-god”…

She suddenly grabbed my arm and said “Even if I am trapped in this island for the rest of my life with you, I would never repent. This is heaven.” She paused.

“But the only concern is that I have to spend the days with the dumbest person on earth!” With that she loosed her grip on my arms and looked at me in a different way.

Why are you looking at me like that! What did I do wrong here? Though I tried to ask, words didn’t come out. I tried to smile.

She burst out laughing as she saw my expression. That’s the part which I never understood. One smile and all my inside melted… Just like that.

Is it some kind of spell or a charm? I asked myself.

A sudden sparkle appeared in her eyes; she was looking at something, wonderstruck. I followed her gaze. What I witnessed then was something breathtaking.

The sun’s rays were entering that cave though the tiny holes on the roof of the cave. The rays gushed inside like a blessing from heaven. Below was a water surface, an aqua blue one. The sands below the water were white just like those in the island. Some rocks popped out of the surface of water at various places.

The cave was enormous and it looked like it was a home to several secrets. My heart told me that it was the most romantic place I had ever seen and it asked me to freak out; and my mind, on the other hand, told me to be cautious as it was the most mysterious place I ever had seen.

“Come, let’s explore it” I called out looking at the different corners.

I think she was baffled at first, but was quick enough to respond “No, I am not coming. You do it alone” She shrugged.

“What make you think that you have an option there, apple peach?” This time it was my turn to give a naughty smile.  I took her arms and started walking through the stones. She followed; wearing that delicious smile on her face.

At times we had to hop from one rock to another. Some were slippery and we had to balance ourselves well not to lose our grip.

Yes, my mind was right. The cave was mysterious and cavernous in a unique way.

“Do you think there would be devils or demons in here?” She asked from behind.

“Why? Are you afraid of them?”

“Why should I be? I don’t care about them.”

“Well, you shouldn’t be; because you are walking with one now.”  I turned and winked at her. She poked her tongue out, pulled her ears and shook her head sideways. We laughed loudly…

If it was my legs which acted weird when I saw the aqua blue sea, it was my eyes this time. To my surprise, my eyes were studying her gorgeous figure in a much seducing way. Slowly, she walked close to me and looked over my shoulder. I gazed her for a while and then shifted my eyes away from her to the surroundings.

Soon, I felt her fingers against mine. I didn’t look at her. Neither did her. Leisurely, my fingers caught couple of her fingers. In a little while, I found myself playing with her nails. Suddenly she pulled her arms away. I looked at her eyes. She looked at mine for some time and looked down. I smiled as I figured a trace of shyness, for the first time, on her face.

“Can we keep exploring this place?” She asked me. I smiled and shrugged. We kept walking. But I knew by then that my heart had already accepted that angel… Occasionally I turned back and looked at her. She was silent all that time; her lips still wearing that lovely smile. The devil had already stolen her heart!

Time flew… The sun’s rays were fading. I understood that it was getting dark. We started walking back; hopping and balancing through the stones.

“Look back!” I turned and shouted. “Devil is standing right behind you!”

It almost took her breath away. She shot a sharp warning look at me. I gave a naughty smile and shrugged.

“Now if you do that again, I will… ah… I’ll do something!” She warned me with a naughty smile.

“Ahan… Let me see that then” I said playfully.

We were almost near the entrance. The sun’s rays, by then, had almost faded; what left was a faint light! Everything then looked like silhouettes.

“What will we have for din…” I couldn’t complete it. I felt someone pushing me from behind. I lost my footing. The next thing that got registered in my memory was my head hitting hard on that rock. For a moment I wondered what was happening to my body. I felt as if I was going down freely.

Is this the way to hell? No! It should be a refrigerator!

The water was dead cold! I felt as if it was tearing my muscles apart ruthlessly… The last thing I heard was some faint voices. But nothing was clear. Suddenly two arms grabbed me.


She moved gently. As she raised her head she saw me. Her lips moved; I smiled as I saw that same naughtiness on her face. Soon her eyes caught the fruit in my hand. She looked at the trees around.

“So I think our breakfast is ready” She smiled, resting her chin on my chest.

I smiled. She was drawing some shapes on my chest with her chin.

“Do you know what happened to me yesterday” I asked her.

The smile faded from her face.

“It was me!”  She looked down for a while. “I thought you were going to frighten me again. I thought I was pushing you to the pool. But you hit the rock…”

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean it. Only after pushing you I realized that you were just asking about dinner.”

That’s ok. It was nothing. I smiled. But how did you manage to take me here?

She stared at me for a while.

Slowly that mesmerizing smile returned to her face. She kissed my chin slowly “I was scared then and I didn’t want to lose you”

My jaws dropped; mouth wide open. She just kissed me!

Now who cares what happened to me! I felt like jumping upside down and screaming at the top of my voice.

“I did everything; but you were shivering badly. I rubbed your arms, hands… still. That’s why I did this”

That statement pulled me back from the dream land. Er – did what? I was confused.

But she just smiled and pulled herself up and sat next to me.

My jaws dropped dead again and I looked at her dumbfound. I wanted to speak; but I was too stunned to do that. She sat there beaming at me. Her eyes were shining.

At last I managed to open my mouth you – er-  you are naked!

You!!! I thought it was we!” She shrugged with a mischievous smile.

I didn’t look at myself but smiled as I pulled myself close to her.

“You were shivering badly and this was the only thing that I could do then.” She whispered to my ears.

My eyes met hers. She leaned towards me and slowly kissed my eyes.

I found it hard to breathe! Everything around me was revolving…

Yesterday’s was the luckiest accident in my life! The words came out of my mouth without my consent. She smiled like a Greek goddess…

I don’t know your name yet!

“call me apple peach!”

I just smiled to that.

She threw her arms around me. Our eyes met. The state of trance was on by then. I was already floating among the clouds. Her head moved close to mine; eyes closed. Before I closed my eyes, I saw her lips parting…