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Definition: Live foods are those which inject positive energy into the body when consumed.

Concept: The Concept is based on the fact that the body communicates every signal to the brain. Every part of the body including the digestive system communicates with the brain. The feeling it sends to the brain determines the nature of food.

Message: One should always aim to increase the consumption of live food and minimize that of the dead food. The secret of healthy life lies within this concept. Walk with me and find for yourself the secrets of living young forever.

Research: Live food doesn’t mean raw or green vegetables or fruits or flesh. It simply means choosing the right food for your body and consuming it. Everyone’s body reacts to different foods in unique ways and only an individual can read, accurately, the signals his/her body communicates to the brain. This single factor makes it nearly impossible for an outsider to select a right food for you. This makes You the best doctor you can hire for yourself.

Some foods gel well with your body; but others leave you uncomfortable and tired. Fundamentally, body communicates its wellness and illness through different signals. Your body feels refreshed and energized when you consume live food. But if it responds through signals like indigestion, feeling of uneasiness, bloating, flatulence, belching etc, then you can confirm for yourself that you just fed your body with something dead. That takes us to the world of dead food.

Dead Foods are nothing but those which suck energy out of your body leaving you with a feeling of uneasiness or tiredness.

When you feed dead food to your body, it struggles a lot to process it. Finally when it fails to process it, all its aim would be concentrated in driving the dead food out of your body. But the dead won’t leave your body just like that. It would create maximum havoc before departing.

The secret of living a healthy life lies in one’s ability in finding the right food for oneself and consuming it, while avoiding the dead things as much as possible…

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